Tips to Improve the Ecommerce Experience on the Web and Mobile

The complex online marketing landscape is evolving quickly. The advances in technology and the rise of digital media enables people to interact differently. While this makes an ecommerce business challenging to run, there's no need to get frustrated. There are different ways of creatively improving the ecommerce experience, which will typically improve customer loyalty and … Continue reading Tips to Improve the Ecommerce Experience on the Web and Mobile

Digital Commerce Trends Explained

To innovate a business model and create better customer experiences, a retailer has to invest in digital commerce capabilities. Much has changed in the way retailers conducted their business in the past. Past innovations and digital commerce trends do offer better visibility throughout the supply chain. However, considering the complexities of omnichannel, little emphasis was … Continue reading Digital Commerce Trends Explained

Omnichannel Commerce Explained

As competition grows, retailers start exploring new channels such as omnichannel commerce, mobile, and social to improve sales. However, no two channels interact with one another to provide a personalized and seamless buying experience. According to The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce website, this is the case with multichannel commerce which has three main … Continue reading Omnichannel Commerce Explained

What is Digital Commerce?

In simple words, it is the selling and buying of products and services online. The transaction may take place online or offline and the customer journey may include both digital and physical. Delivering an engaging experience involves the use of omnichannel marketing, digital commerce software, personalised content, and analytics. Digital Commerce Overview What is Digital … Continue reading What is Digital Commerce?