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We accelerate the success of your business by providing customer-centric actionable insights with our market research services.

Why Digital Commerce Insights?

We are a group of forward-thinking technology enthusiasts who enjoy working on challenging business problems. Digital commerce is the future of how businesses will exchange value and with our insights across industries, we add value through our market research services while practicing the following three fundamental principles that defines us who we are.

Client First

The only formula by which we measure our success is our client’s measure of happiness.

Process Driven

We move forward by taking calculated risk during uncertainty with a process driven approach.

Value Delivered

Our goal is to add value for clients that is tangible, sustainable, and environment friendly.

Our Market Research Services

To succeed in a competitive market, businesses must gather market intelligence and derive actionable insights. Our market research services are designed to compliment this “gather and derive” approach. Using this approach, we enable our clients to generate more return on investment (ROI) and sustain their business. We work with startups, small medium businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises and add value through following services.

Market Intelligence Service - Digital Commerce Insights

Market Intelligence

To complete your business objectives successfully, you need insights on industry, prospects, partners, competition, marketplace, and more. Our subject matter expertise on different industries like healthcare, retail, technology, and more can enable you to understand the marketplace as well as your customers in a better way.

Business Strategy Service - Digital Commerce Insights

Business Strategy

To launch a new business or expand your existing market share, a carefully crafted strategy can ensure more return on investment (ROI). Critical components of a carefully crafted business strategy that we offer support for are go to market (GTM), market share or business expansion, digital transformation, and sales or marketing.

Marketing Assist Service - Digital Commerce Insights

Marketing Assistance

New or established brands require marketing assistance to grow and sustain their business. By using our marketing assistance service, businesses can leverage content to achieve their business objectives. Few such objectives include brand awareness generation, improvement in conversion rate, drive prospects through marketing funnel, and more.

Industries we Serve

We identify uniqueness in each use case and offer actionable insights to add value. Depending on the industry, a client operates in, our marketing intelligence, business strategy creation, and content marketing assistance services add value to achieve different goals.









Latest Insights

We offer in-depth insights into important aspects of digital commerce. Covering a wide range of topics that enables an entrepreneur make an informed decision, at Digital Commerce Insights, we share information on different business models, markets, trending technologies, supply chain optimization tips, and more. If you like the information we share, please feel free to subscribe and receive the news directly in your email inbox. Alternatively, you can also share your thoughts by writing for us.

Ecommerce Shipping Options

Ecommerce Shipping Options that add Value in the Fulfillment Process

With many digital shoppers abandoning their shopping carts due to different reasons associated with shipping, it becomes a necessity for an online business to provide flexibility to the buyer in the way he or she chooses the shipping option. In this blog post, we will share information on different types of ecommerce shipping options and rates in ecommerce that will add value to your fulfillment process.

Digital Commerce Success

Digital Commerce Explained – Business Models and Success Factors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why and when should I commission market research?

Business decisions can be made on the basis of experience, intuition or facts. Focusing solely on one of these factors could be risky. To reduce the risk especially when it comes to decisions that require huge financial resources and where the costs of failures are high, market research is carried out. These are arenas where using market research is beneficial: new product, market size, brand impact, pricing effectiveness, product tests, target market and segmentation, customer satisfaction, attitude towards products and a lot more.

What is the typical turnaround time for projects?

The time needed for research depends upon several factors: the scale of the project (sample size), the incidence of the target sample (the percentage of people in the population that meet your requirements) and the mode of research to be employed. To know your requirements better, a knowledgeable decision maker will get in contact with you and determine these variables. After that, you can expect a detailed timeline and the estimated completion date for your project.

What are the key stages in a market research project?

The first step is to have a well-defined goal for the project. We understand client requirements for that and then the mode of collecting data is finalized. This questionnaire could be then designed for focus groups, individual participants, and qualitative depth interviews. Reviews are then carried out to make sure all questions are understood after which the fieldwork takes place. Content analysis is carried out after which the final findings will be provided to you in the form of a report or presentation.

Where do you get research participants that are representative of the audience I am trying to reach?

We understand that even the best designed market research is meaningless if the people participating are not relevant to your requirement. That’s the reason why we have partnerships with various online sampling partners who have survey respondents for both B-to-C and B-to-B surveys. We also have access to global data for different kinds of international studies.

What kind of research methods do you use?

There are many research methods to choose from. Two major types are desk research and field research. Further divisions are customer research, pricing studies and product research. For primary research, the respondents need to answer a series of questions and the various avenues for doing that are telephonic interviews, face-to-face interviews, mail or email questionnaires and observations. The type is decided after having a detailed talk with the client and identifying the kind of information required.

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