Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Impact Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now permeated most aspects of human lives including how people do business online. Whether it is Google’s RankBrain or voice search, emails, social media platforms, SIRI, Netflix, Amazon, and many others, AI has become all-pervading. Invariably, the impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Many believe that the impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing will only grow bigger in the future by continuing to replace many of the manual and cognitive tasks involved.

There is no denying the fact that artificial intelligence has turned the work environment smarter by obliterating human errors through task automation. Here, we will explore how AI touches digital marketing, what approaches have been adopted by marketers in various industries, and what experts think lies ahead:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
  • AI and content creation
  • Creating a website with AI
  • Optimizing ads through AI 
  • 10X Email Marketing and AI
  • Image recognition with AI
  • AI aids in predictive analytics
  • Keeping up with online searches
  • Delivering personalized experiences
  • Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Who isn’t aware of how important a Chatbot is for a company to address customers without real-time human engagement? Chatbots are run by AI that work both ways—helping customers with their queries and collating information on consumer behaviour for the company.

Chatbots can also be an important tool in imparting key educational programs and various training sessions for organisations. With the launch of ChatGPT, it is now predicted that every digital task can be entrusted to it. However, it is a different issue that people are still divided on whether ChatGPT can entirely replace humans in the digital space, be it marketing or other interaction.

Artificial Intelligence and Content Creation

Content creation and delivery is an integral part of digital marketing and technology is changing this industry 360 degrees. AI may help creators by providing an outline for content or even producing full-blown end materials. For now, AI tools have assisted digital marketing in devising an end-to-end content strategy.

There are millions of cases in the last three to four months where people have attributed ChatGPT to helping them create content for various platforms. From writing long-form content to readying a YouTube script to formatting questions for a podcast, digital marketers are diving deep into its nuances.

Once artificial intelligence penetrates further, it will bring disruptive changes in content creation and digital marketing practices.

Creating a Website with Artificial Intelligence

A website is the first impression of any business and it could make or mar digital marketing efforts. With AI, it is possible to create web designs that will appeal to your consumers and target audience. All this can happen without the need for a programmer or designer.

Investing in machine learning would cut down on the expenses of hiring someone to build your website. So, for starters, AI can save money by smoothening most of the digital marketing processes.

There is a host of applications powered by AI that help marketers build a website within no time and at a much more affordable price. So, if you are at the beginning of your journey as a company and want to accomplish digital marketing tasks at a nominal budget, artificial intelligence holds the key.

Optimising ads through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can spruce up the ads optimization process for organizations, which is already a rampant digital marketing practice, ostensibly used in all social media platforms. Digital advertising platforms push ads and content to relevant customers through analysis and manual intervention, which can be replicated and perfected by AI.

It would be impossible to implement any digital advertising model sans artificial intelligence. Today’s digital advertisement age is characterized by making use of algorithms showing relevant ads to the niche audience. This precise display of ads to the target customers saves advertisers from losing money. The need to look for keywords and interests might become redundant if you assign these steps to AI tools. With AI, these tasks can be automated with more accuracy. Studies have shown that AI-driven ad optimization generated up to 800% ROI, enough to convince more and more organizations to try out the technology.

10X Email Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

As a brand, you can make your emails a personalized experience for your consumers by utilizing AI. It helps to connect with them more engagingly and convert them into loyal clients.

Artificial intelligence can collect all the crucial data about your target customers, which include their preferences, their inclination, availability, and what is the best way and timing to contact them. With such precision, your emails will never fail to make them click to get the message across. Email campaigns powered by AI always make the right impact most of the time.

Image Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

The digital marketing ecosystem now relies more on artificial technology to boost its outcome. Image recognition is another helpful technology that augments digital marketing endeavors. Using AI in picking the right image not only does the job in a jiffy but also highlights the right ones.

AI can be your catalyst to define a project and its relevant metrics. You can gather valuable data and also create synthetic data by making use of machine learning. Artificial intelligence when implemented the right way can not only train models but also test their performances once launched. A credible measure of successful implementation of technology is how digital marketing deploys models to production and regularly optimises, and monitors their progress.

Artificial intelligence driven digital marketing tools can analyse tons of images viewed by a customer and then classify them into consumer categories. It helps digital marketers to target specific customers with the right product. More targeted ads can be shown to a visitor to a website based on images scrutinized by an AI marketing tool. This ultimately leads to greater conversion resulting in soaring profits.

Artificial Intelligence aids in Predictive Analytics

After onboarding data scientists and programmers in digital marketing teams, organisations have stepped up investments in artificial intelligence tools. This combination of humans and AI can accelerate marketing campaigns for businesses.

The AI tools can help scour tons of data and study accurately which is not humanly possible. Machine learning can provide deep insights into consumers’ behavior and make predictions of future trajectories based on the collated data.

This predictive analytics is a big part of business models globally. Digital marketing units of a business can utilize predictive analytics to streamline product development, distribution, retailing, advertising, and product marketing research.

As a digital marketing agency, it will help you in drawing in new customers while retaining the acquired ones to market inventories. Even retailers make use of predictive analytics to manage shipping arrangements while airlines set up fares by looking up past trends. Netflix’s predictive analytics can be a perfect example of how AI tools can assist marketing efforts.

Keeping up with Online Searches

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said how Google over the years used AI to improve search options for billions of consumers across the world. Close on the heels of ChatGPT, the introduction of BARD by Google only emphasizes how paramount has AI become in modern times.

Online search patterns have evolved completely over the years precipitated by technology and AI. For instance, the image search option is an AI application that is being widely used by people. Simply through an image users can arrive at their desired content.

So, accordingly, digital marketing strategies should also realign to these innovations. As mentioned earlier, Cortana from Microsoft, Apple’s SIRI, Amazon’s Echo, and voice command searches in Google are all products of artificial intelligence and technology.

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Delivering Personalised Experiences

To stay relevant in a competitive environment, digital marketing strategies of companies should aim at creating personalized experiences for consumers. AI and technology are at the forefront of many key marketing activities that result in one-on-one communication with customers, be it in the form of a tailor-made email, advertisement, website, or social media engagement. Brands can manage targeted promotions and offer the right discounts to customers with the right use of AI. This is one way of retaining customers by businesses aided by technology.

These processes can be implemented only by using artificial intelligence which calls for very little effort and money. So, constantly try to boost your investment to strengthen the technology wheel of your organization with the prolific use of AI services.


It is impossible to grow any business by delineating technology and artificial intelligence from digital marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence can help digital marketing goals by simplifying complex data and making a proper analysis to deliver great UX, the backbone of a thriving business. It is only by incorporating AI into all the above-discussed areas, a company will be able to achieve the result, which is a profitable business.

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