Digital Commerce Insights – Guidelines for Contributors

At Digital Commerce Insights LLP, our mission is to answer complex questions for decision makers and enable them to make informed decisions. To succeed in our mission, we provide insights on markets, technologies, models, supply chain, operations, and more.

For our readers to navigate the complex world of digital commerce, we accept only quality information from contributors. To evaluate your contribution for publishing, we use the following three filters:

Digital Commerce Insights - DCI's Guidelines for Contributors
Digital Commerce Insights – Guidelines for Contributors
  • Usefulness – Elaborate your thoughts so that readers can connect and apply insights in real-world.
  • Originality – Show your thought-leadership with unique ideas or arguments based on your professional experience.
  • Readability – Simplify your thoughts to make your article easy-to-read and understand.

Digital Commerce Insights – Our Publishing Process

Digital Commerce Insights - Our Publishing Process
Digital Commerce Insights – Our Publishing Process

To provide quality educational content, our publishing process includes five different stages such as pitch approval, structure approval, draft approval, two stages of editing, and final publishing stage. During the first four stages, we work with you to add value.

Terms and Conditions for Contributors

  • We retain the final right over the shared article.
  • The shared article can be modified by our team for relevancy.
  • We can reject your article during the filtering process.
  • You might be asked to make changes in the article.

If you agree to our above-mentioned terms, then please share the following information through the form:

  • Email Address – Your email address will be used for further communication. Once your article is ready to be published, we will use your email address to send you an invite to add you as a “Contributor” on Digital Commerce Insights website.
  • Article Pitch – Give complete information about the topic you are going to write along with the argument you are going to make, if applicable.
  • Contributor Profile – Your introduction for our readers to know your area of expertise along with other relevant details which you want in the public domain.