5 Tips to Improve the Ecommerce Experience in 2021

Ecommerce shopping experience

With consumers relying on online shopping for so many things these days, it is no wonder that a research has estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. But with competition growing in ecommerce, it’s important to focus on one part that not only brings more customers to your business but also retains the existing ones. That thing is providing the best ecommerce experience for your customers. After all, happy customers are the ones who keep your business running. Be it by spending more, purchasing often, leaving good reviews or by referring your business to their friends. We bring to you ecommerce experience improvement tips to achieve just that.

Have an Appealing and Easy to Navigate Site

This is the one ecommerce experience improvement tip that you shouldn’t miss out on. Why? Because as an ecommerce store, your website is the lifeblood of your business. The reason why this ecommerce experience improvement tip becomes so important is that your website is the place where your customers shop and where they’ll judge your business. A single typo could ruin your image.

Below are a few ecommerce experience improvement tips you should inculcate to have an appealing and easy to navigate site:

  • Your site shouldn’t take long to load which means you’ll have to do away with images that have excessively high resolutions or images that are not optimized for the web.
  • The search for a particular product should be hassle free. This would mean having a search button that is easily accessible. You could also add relevant categories and filters to aid the buying process of the customer.
  • Incorporate autocomplete in the search button so that shoppers can be assisted if they don’t remember the exact product name.
  • Make the checkout process simple. This would mean displaying the cart contents well, having multiple options for payment, making the payment secure and giving a tentative delivery date.

Have a coherent content strategy

Let’s suppose you bought a module of ecommerce experience improvement tips. Just 2 days after that, you got to read an article on that website about 10 different ways you can improve conversion on your website. Wouldn’t you be delighted? That’s what this ecommerce experience improvement tip about having a compelling and coherent content strategy can do. It helps educate customers and keep them coming back to you.

Here are three ecommerce experience improvement tips for content strategy to do that:

  • Feature stories from your customers on your website. Be it use-cases, their journey or innovative ways to pair your products with others.
  • Make sure every single piece of content you upload serves a purpose and evaluate if you met that goal.
  • Have a regular publishing calendar so that you don’t have long periods of time where you don’t publish anything.

Goop, a beauty brand, puts this ecommerce experience improvement tip into action by having categorized content on their homepage itself. A person can buy a skincare product and at the same time read an article about ‘Top 10 ways to get clean skin’.

Make use of Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be a great ecommerce experience improvement tip if done correctly. Brands like Zomato are making the most out of this ecommerce experience improvement tip by having funny/witty email campaigns that they send to their customers. One such example is when Zomato sent its customers a witty Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Biryani to occupy the role of ‘Craving Executive Officer in your hearts’.

The CV went on to highlight the key qualities of Biryani like it is multi-layered, smells ‘yummazing’, comes in ‘handi’, etc. Even if funny/witty content as a part of this ecommerce experience improvement tip doesn’t resonate with your brand, here are three ecommerce experience improvement tips for your email campaigns:

  • Instead of sending out the same email subject lines that are ignored, keep experimenting and try to make them more personalized.
  • Measure the open rates of your emails to test the subject lines.
  • Make sure you include a clear and solitary call-to-action.

Have your Support Team Always Ready

A happy customer may refer your brand to their friends but a disgruntled or unhappy customer is more likely to do the same. They could leave a terrible review on your website, hate your brand so much that they discourage others to purchase from you and even upload posts/stories on their account encouraging others to boycott your brand.

Having a support team that listens and solves the customers’ problems is the perfect ecommerce experience improvement tip that helps avoid these problems. To get the most out of this ecommerce experience improvement tip, you need to:

  • Set the right customer support systems in place
  • Make it easier for customers to reach the support team
  • Hire the right people 
  • Train them well.

Add Customer Reviews

The first thing we do when we want to buy a particular product is we read the reviews. That’s the reason why this ecommerce experience improvement tip can work wonders. The reason being customers place more trust on feedback from fellow buyers who have bought and used the product than on advertisements or company-sponsored reviews. An effective review-generating strategy would help you get good reviews, get more customers, get more good reviews and so on.

This ecommerce experience improvement tip also lets customers know what products are selling best and they’d prefer buying more of those.

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