Two umbrella services – market research and intelligence & managed content development and marketing. We are the best at what we do.

Market Research and Intelligence

Market research service can add value to any industry or business of any size in a number of ways. At DCI, we operate with a belief to support business with services that include values derieved from sustainable and environment-friendly practices. The Market Intelligence Report is planned and designed in such a way that is answers the most challenging questions a leader face. Here is a brief explaination on what the Market Intelligence Report actually is and one additional use case it offers.

Market Intelligence Report

To make informed decision within your industry, the Market Intelligence Report can support you. It solves a number of use cases such as development of a new product, expansion into new markets, threats your offerings may face in the near future, and more.

Marketing Asset for your Prospects

You can also sponsor Market Intelligence Report based on the industry of your prospects. You can then use it as marketing asset within B2B marketing landscape and share it on your preferred digital channels as a downloable PDF asset and showcase industry leadership.

Managed Content Development and Marketing

The end-to-end content development and marketing service can be used to achieve a number of digital marketing or business objectives. The objectives can be better ranking in search results, establish a brand on social media platforms, implementing an inbound content marketing strategy, manage online reputation of any entity, and more. Alternatively, prospects can avail content development services purely for creation of marketing assets like blog post, guest article, webpage content, social media post, UX writing, and more. Here is more information on our content creation process.

1. Content Strategy

In this phase, we try to get most questions answered from our clients. The objective is to get as close to the business goals and client expectations as possible.

2. Content Planning

The marketing assets are planned that support the business as well as digital marketing goals. The work is shared with client for permission to move forward.

3. Content Development

Each marketing asset is developed with utmost precision and quality after in-depth understanding of client’s industry, pain areas, use cases, expectations, and more.

4. Content Review

A review step is added to check if the developed asset fulfils are the requirements. A senior team member checks for grammar, industry vocabulary, insights, and more.

5. Content Rework

If the scope of improvement is present, the team works on the same. At DCI, we believe one rework phase should be sufficient to deliver a quality content asset.

6. Content Marketing

We believe the best outcomes in marketing are achieved through experimentation. We conduct a lot of research to work towards achieving maximum ROI.

7. Content Optimisation

We revisit each marketing asset quarterly to check how the asset has performed. After gaining insights into relevant pre-selected KPIs, we try to identify reasons behind which digital marketing strategy worked and which didn’t. Depending on our findings, we work on the content asset again to fine-tune it to achieve improved ROI. Here are few concerns that we have solved in the past – marketing assets not generating relevant leads, marketing asset not performing well in search results, and more.